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From Scared to Sacred: Lessons in Learning to Dance with Life has been called “a cross between Conversations with God and Eat Pray Love.” It is a personal story of learning to hear the whispers of The Voice of Spirit and honoring our humanness at the same time.

Have you ever thrown your hands up to God or the Universe and asked, “What do you want me to do?”  I did, and boy was I surprised at the answers I got.  I started to write in my journal and beautiful lessons or teachings from the Universe poured onto the page.   I wish I could say those lessons solved every problem in my life.  They didn’t but they started me on a journey of exploring myself and my relationship to Spirit.  It is a journey that led me to places I could have never imagined going, and to a life beyond my wildest dreams.

From Scared to Sacred is funny, touching, mystical and grounded in the question, “How do we live those spirit teachings and be compassionate with our human self at the same time?”

  • Have you ever felt the whispers of your heart and then felt they just weren’t practical?
  • Have you ever thought, “The spiritual teachings by many New Age writers sound really good but how do I actually live them?”
  • Have you ever longed for a real discussion about how we love being human and be our highest spiritual self at the same time?
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Author, Carol Woodliff

This is the journey I share with you in From Scared to Sacred.  It is just a small transposition that changes the word scared to sacred. It is similar small shifts in our consciousness that allow us to move from living ruled by our fears, to living in sacred connection to our highest and most authentic spirit.   I invite you to join me in this exploration and listen to the whispers within your own heart.

“A buffet for the modern spiritual seeker . . .a beautiful book. It is equal parts practical, mystical and just refreshingly real.” —Jacob Nordby, author “The Divine Arsonist”

“Carol Woodliff has written a beautiful and inspiring guide to opening up your life to the sacred. Her stories touched me deeply as I followed her path from the dark places to the light. I loved it!”—Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit” and “Zero to Zillionaire”

“This is an excellent book to use as daily devotional to start the morning. A fascinating, well-written book for spiritual growth.” Dana Taylor, author of “Ever-Flowing Streams.”

“This is a beautiful book about the spiritual being having a human experience. It’s about learning to LOVE, HONOR, and CELEBRATE your humanity. So many of us at times disconnect from that human aspect of ourselves instead of creating an authentic partnership with it. Carol shares beautiful and touching messages from Spirit and uses her own life story to exemplify those messages. It’s truly an inspiring book that will leave you feeling so much more compassion for YOU and leave you desiring to create an extraordinary relationship with yourself, the human aspect of your oneness.” Jackie Barros VanCampen, author of Letters to My Daughter