From Scared to Sacred in The News & On the Web

From Scared to Sacred by Carol Woodliff in the News and On the Web

9/6/12 Review by Edie Weinstein on

9/6/12 From Scared to Sacred Named Recommended Transformational Book in Christine Kloser’s Newsletter.

9/1/12  The Bliss Mistress Guide: Perfect Moments by Edie Weinstein in Wisdom Magazine.

8/26/12 Interview and Book Giveaway on Jodi Chapman’s Soul Speak website.

8/24/12 Blogtalk radio episode with Ann White.

8/22/12 From Scared to Sacred was named one of the Top Twelve Summer Picks by The Spirited Woman.

8/20/12 Review by Joanne Sprott of AfterWords Editorial.  She’s one of my editors and I was so honored that she took the time to write a review.

8/18/12  Ann White’s Creating Calm Within Chaos blog:  Wrestling with God.

8/14/12  Your Awakened Self featured the chapter, “It’s Okay to Be Human.”

7/28/12 Review on Supernal Dana’s Blog: Launching “From Scared to Sacred”

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